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Reflection by xXTinTin05Xx Reflection :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 2 Plastered by xXTinTin05Xx Plastered :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 1
The Stranger
Our lives became connected, if by chance
You’d later show me how I was to grow
This meeting was much more than happenstance
A lot has happened since three years ago
You’re distant, cold; you’re not that cheery guy
You say you’re fine, but I know otherwise
There’s burning anger deep within your soul
This bitterness radiates in your eyes
So how can I just sit and act alright?
I can’t, I want to know what’s going on
I thought that friendship’s bounds were not finite
This melancholy needs to end anon
So anytime you need me I’ll be there
I’m only saying this because I care
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 0
The Meaning of Life
I sat back
I relaxed
With a cigarette in hand
Stylus in the other, trying to understand
How can one man’s life be plagued by so much deceit?
How can one man be betrayed by everyone he meets?
How can one man’s life be such a tumultuous mess?
The fact that I can trust no one is what I must address
Slipping back into the recesses of my mind
I encountered many questions; but answers I couldn’t find
Is it possible that I’ve been living life all wrong?
Can one nice guy in society truly belong?
Can one act of random kindness truly save mankind?
I want to believe it so, but feel like I am blind
Is it possible to trust, and have it reciprocated?
This is the burning question that I contemplated
When one man wants nothing more than love
He also wants this passion from the one he’s thinking of
When it seems that people really begin to care
He wonders if their trust is really there
He wonders whether or not he can risk the pain
He wonders whether or not he can ever love aga
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 1 4
Damnation-- Prologue
Have you ever had that one person who you would do anything for? Have you ever had that one person that just makes you feel complete?
   How many of you have said that you would die for that person?
   How many of you meant it?
   I never thought that when I entered that small villiage home, that my whole life would change. Little did I know that destiny was waiting for me behind that cedar door.
   You may think that I'm here to tell you about how much I loved someone, or even some of the things that I would do for that person.
   That is not my purpose.
   I am going to take you with me on a journey through the depths of hell so that you may learn just the way I did, what love truly is.
   If you think that you already know how much the word love can really mean, I am here to tell you first hand, that you are probably wrong. I once thought I knew, but she changed my definit
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 1
I always knew, deep down inside
Something was wrong with you
Little did I know, however
That chaos would ensue
All I wanted was to help
I meant no disrespect
I knew that behind your fictitious smile
You really were upset
I didn't even get a goodbye
No call, no note, no kiss
Now because of what you've done
I'll never again know bliss
Now I'll never see your smile
I'll never hear your voice
I hope you are happy with what you've done
Because you can't undo that choice
I thought you loved me, I thought you cared
Now what am I to do?
The only one I cared about
The one I loved was you
Why wouldn't you tell me what was wrong
Why wouldn't you take that risk
Why did you think it would be easier
If you just cut your wrists?
Was it that you felt alone?
Felt like no one cared?
How could that possibly be the case
When all along I've been there
Now the tables have violently turned
And my life is now a mess
Now I realize that without you
What's left is emptiness
So here's my heart, put down in words
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 2
Hardcorez by xXTinTin05Xx Hardcorez :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 2
Through the Depths
Cold and bitter winds chill my soul
Everywhere I look, there is another obstacle
I keep fighting to regain my composure
Can I handle this madness?
I look at the three traitors held in his grasp
The Mourning Star glares malicously at me
Doing everything he can to stop me
I've not come this far just to fall to evil
I've not scoured the depths of the burning lake
Only to lose at my journey's end
Love is on my side
When I think of what made me come here
I am given the strength to fight
I came here for you
I came to fight the reaper's touch
For though we've both succumbed, you are here early.
Can I handle this madness?
Can I really expect
To fight death?
To bring you back?
To keep you safe?
Regardless, if I could not complete my quest
Then I would stay here with you forever
I can not lose; I will not lose
And once more
I am given the strength to fight
I see you standing there
Traitor to your own soul
Tears freeze on your cheek
How I wish to free you!
If I can just push myself that much more
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 1 10
Tentacles Desktop by xXTinTin05Xx Tentacles Desktop :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 0 July by xXTinTin05Xx July :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 0
As I sat under the oak tree
Outside my country home
I felt free to let my mind
Meander on its own
Sunlight made patters on my skin
The wind caressed my face
Here, I knew, I could take my time
And marvel at nature's grace
I had the world to myself
Eternity at my side
I took in a breath of the afternoon air
I let it out in a sigh
If this is what the world has
I want nothing more or less
I need no cars, no noise, no chaos
No worries on my chest
As I sat there, peacefully
I became the breeze,
I became the ground, the sun
I became the trees
I began to take in nature
Nature merged with me
I wish I could show everyone
That this is what we need
We need no war, no politics
We need no government
We need not worry about the future
As long as we have the present
As I sat there and let my mind
Be free to gracefully roam
I knew I needed nothing else
For I am truly home
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 1
Holiness by xXTinTin05Xx Holiness :iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 2
I Offer You This Flower
I sat back and contemplated some things
The need to love and be loved in return
I thought about the happiness love brings
How deep the flames of love can truly burn
At times you seem an enigma to me
At times you seem like you are my best friend
I wish only that you and I could be
I wish to make you happy til the end
I'll be there when you're sick and when you're well
Be there forever, never to desert
I'd face the terrifying depths of hell
Three times over just to bring you comfort
Rather than offer infinite power
I offer you this, my soul, this flower
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 0 0
Walking the Path of Nothing
As I walk through the valley
That merciless shadow looms over me
Grinning at me; taunting me
The blade twitching with madness for its crimson hunger
I look down my path to find nothing
I look forward to find the same
I was born from nothing and so shall return
And still he is grinning that evil grin
The blade aches to be closer
I search for the light
I look for my way
I scream with agony as I walk this path
That I have lain for myself.
That evil grin manifests my temptations
I give in to the pain
Crimson seas come forth
At last I have found my light
I look back and see what has been given to me
I see what lays ahead
I have wasted my being on this empty nothing
I cry for forgiveness
But the seas show no mercy
They spew forth with the rage of deliverance
As I lay there I see the light.
I long for it
And then;
:iconxxtintin05xx:xXTinTin05Xx 1 9


'Live for each other.' by qchiapetp 'Live for each other.' :iconqchiapetp:qchiapetp 7 15 Industrial Rebellion by Araqnid Industrial Rebellion :iconaraqnid:Araqnid 22 11
For thirteen conquered weeks, we dreamt awake,
Endeavored to deface the constant clock,
The lifeless pulse a habit we could break
If time would cease to pass from tick to tock.
And so it did.  The moon forgot to wane;
The winter winds, as well, forgot to blow.
The snow forgot to melt; the autumn rain
Forgot to tumble.  Kids forgot to grow.
While Monday's rush forgot to start the week,
Our tangled words forgot to fail because,
By some mistake, we both forgot to speak.
Indeed, the world forgot it ever was.
An Eden outside time, by our decree--
Perfection, if you'd not forgotten me.
:iconerror732:Error732 6 68
When winter comes to town, we'll improvise,
Pretend the garden didn't wither so;
We'll find some sapling evergreens to prize,
Transplant them to a field, and watch them grow.
Those angels landing flake by crystal flake
Won't land because they've fallen, we'll pretend,
They'll be instead, for our pretense's sake,
The heavens holding still while we ascend.
We'll build a fence to bind these cherubs in;
They'll keep our evergreens forever white,
And, save for any heated human sin,
Remain on all they touch from night to night.
We'll sit there, you and I, till frost abates,
And get a guy named Pete to guard the gates.
:iconerror732:Error732 3 34
Mutinous by Araqnid Mutinous :iconaraqnid:Araqnid 1 1 AtM: Untitled for now by SilentReaper AtM: Untitled for now :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 5,308 1,203 Black Bunneh Triptych by qchiapetp Black Bunneh Triptych :iconqchiapetp:qchiapetp 6 37 Rukia Magazine Cover 1 by carzgal Rukia Magazine Cover 1 :iconcarzgal:carzgal 4 9 Martin by qchiapetp Martin :iconqchiapetp:qchiapetp 4 20 KH2: Heartless Hug by Risachantag KH2: Heartless Hug :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 8,520 1,146 Flower by TheOnlyBoyLeftInTown Flower :icontheonlyboyleftintown:TheOnlyBoyLeftInTown 2 1 -Stab- by qchiapetp -Stab- :iconqchiapetp:qchiapetp 3 18 Refresh by dry-ice-4-billie Refresh :icondry-ice-4-billie:dry-ice-4-billie 1 2
Mother Moon by saffyre-onyx
The Moon sits upon her throne in the sky
And looks down over the Earth at night
With a frown on her face
And crystalline tears in her gloomy eyes,
Thinking back many ages past
When evenings were slow
As the Sun sank so low
And she rose up to hail the stars.
The humans were her children then
And she was the Mother of women and men
And plants and animals alike.
She was the Goddess of the tide,
The light in the darkness, the fire inside
Of all the things beloved to her
From the lily to the lion, the infant to the bird.
She ruled with the Sun, the Father of all.
He was the warmth of the spring,
She, the beauty of fall.
They were equal to one another.
They shared the kingdom Earth.
They made love in grassy meadows
And to nature she gave birth.
They sowed the seeds of creation.
Together they gave the world life.
They taught their children lessons,
Through love as well as strife.
Now those lessons have been forgotten
And she no longer reigns
Over the humans she so loved,
Who only gave her pai
:iconvoice-of-dissonance:voice-of-dissonance 1 0
STREETFIGHTERccgs art by MESSS by HOON STREETFIGHTERccgs art by MESSS :iconhoon:HOON 1,928 357



United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Electronica, Hip-hop
Favourite style of art: Realism / Impressionism
Operating System: Win XP
Wallpaper of choice: My Kingdom Hearts II wallpaper :-D
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo Kurosaki / The whole family of Family Guy
Personal Quote: Life is in the future, not the past
  • Reading: Phantom
  • Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Eating: Taco Bell
Check out :iconerror732:'s gallery. He's got some awesome sonnets and the rest of his gallery makes for good reading


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